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MasterClass Archive

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Author: Topic:
Will Rucker • Forgiveness
This powerful MasterClass will help you to reframe your past experiences so that you may release them with gratitude. 
Pastor LeAnzar Stockley • Love
Part two of this musically inspired MasterClass is sure to move you. 
Rudy Trussler • Love
A pastoral look into love. 
Pastor LeAnzar Stockley • Love
This musically inspired MasterClass is sure to move you.
Toshia Shaw • General
Toshia Shaw answers questions on aligning Chakras, the power of crystals, and more...
Toshia Shaw • Healing
Sound is soothing, sound is healing, and our natural inclination towards sound suggests it has something that we really need. Watch this MasterClass and your heart will thank you. 
Will Rucker • Love
Want to experience the full power and potential of love? This MasterClass explores what love really is and gives you a pathway to tap into the Frequency of Love.
Will and JaJuan Rucker, Founders
MasterClass and Conversation. Expand Your Consciousness!
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